Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Changed My Life

I know you just read that title and thought, “What the hell does pelvic floor physical therapy entail? I doubt it’ll be changing my life!” It’s totally ok. I had the exact same thought when my surgeon told me I had pelvic floor dysfunction and needed pelvic floor physical therapy. He also told me I needed Valium suppositories that needed to be inserted into my vagina. Say WHAT?! My head was nodding and my mouth was saying, “Ok. Got it. Yep.” while he explained how to go about finding a pelvic floor physical therapist and where to order this Valium, but the rest of my body was reacting in a very different way! My eyeballs were popping right out of my head, my face was turning the color of a fire hydrant, my heart was pounding straight out of my chest, and my brain was screaming, “you are NOT doing this!”. You know what, though? When you have endometriosis and you’ve spent 15+ years of your life spending either in pain that compares to labor or sitting on the toilet–you tend to do ANYTHING that you’re told might help! Even if it means inserting some strong drug into your hoo-ha … Continue reading Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Changed My Life