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Big News!

Monday, February 20, 2017
This is only the single most exciting news Ive gotten in months and I waited a WHOLE week to share it! Whats wrong with me?!
Last Monday I got the call from the CEC and Dr. Sinervos office! I am officially scheduled for my April excision surgery with one of the top doctors! Ive been asked if Im nervous and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! Ive had so many unsuccessful abdominal surgeries performed by surgeons who werent skilled enough to fix me. No more band-aids for this girls endo pain! I already feel so highly optimistic simply from hearing all the success stories and from the amount of kindness and hospitality Ive received from every single person at the CEC. Theyve been nothing short of amazing thus far!
Plane tickets are bought for a 10 day trip to Atlanta for Mr. Pennington and I. We are staying a considerably long time because we are still unsure how invasive the operation will be. Everything will be done via LAPEX (laser), but depending on which parts of my body are impacted by the disease and to what extreme, I could be in the hospital anywhere from 23 hours to 4 days!
Today we put the final touch on our travel plans by securing a place to stay. This has been insanely stressful for me and absolutely mind consuming. I woke up in a panic (full blown, pass the wine so I can take my Xanax PANIC) this morning after dreaming about it all night long. Hotels are outrageous for 10 day stays, some places have terrible (like.dog poop on the bathroom floor of the hotel room terrible) ratings, some places are so far away from my doctor and the hospital, what if this happens, or what if that does? BLAH! I finally rented a studio apartment for the 10 days thats within half hour of the airport, the CEC, and the hospital. The best part was that the fare for this was almost HALF of what we were being quoted for a medical discount at area hotels! I told my mom today that I think Im moving to Atlanta. Everyone Ive dealt with has been so flipping sweet! The property manager at this place secured me a first floor studio since stairs arent ideal post-op, and was more than happy to answer any questions I had as well as provide me with documentation I needed.
I am beyond giddy to make this trip! The only thing thats a total bummer is being away from my third graders for several weeks. Its been a 4 day weekend and I miss them! I guess its a good thing Im only a mile from school and can visit often!
Now all I have to do is hurry up and wait. 7 weeks to go!


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