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Lead Grapes and Essential Oils

Thursday, February 2, 2017
Holy flare up, Batman! I destroyed my body by having too many cups of coffee from my favorite shop, too many glasses of wine, and one junk meal over the weekend. Im paying for this SO heavily! I took a personal day today because my husband had the day off, and Im so glad I did because I felt pretty rough. I was trying to explain the pain to him the best I could.

Me: Sooo, imagine being all out of shape and randomly running a 5K, then doing 500 crunches AFTER working a 12 hour shift on your feet.

And for good measure, to describe the pelvic aspect of this pain, I told him I felt like a bowling ball was laying in my pelvis so maybe he could just imagine a lead grape trying to escape his man parts.

Him: total silence and insert that big eyed emoji

Anyways, this is actually supposed to be a happy news post! I was talking essential oils with my best friend last night. She is a Young Living consultant and makes amazing body butters, roller balls, lip balms, massage bars, salt scrubs and any other amazing product you can imagine. We were talking about making my 9 year old something for his anxiety when it hit me that theres probably something for endo as well!
Sure enough, today I have a roller ball in my possession! My 7 year old calls these roller balls potions. My potion has geranium, clary sage, frankincense, and Cyprus oils. I kid you notI put it on and felt a tiny bit of relief in minutes. Within half hour my pain was half what it had been! Like with any oil treatment, I needed to reapply after about 3 hours, but again, it worked quickly to lessen the pain!

I highly recommend checking out any of my besties products! Check out her Ella Sophia shop on Etsy! You will NOT be disappointed!

Thanks, BFF, for enabling me to drink coffee and wine when I know better. Thats what friends are for, right?!

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