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Friday, February 9, 2018

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things.Love notes. They’re  little things that go a long, long way. In a world where texting, snapping, and instant messaging is the new norm; receiving a handwritten note that comes from the heart seems to have become a lost art.

No one writes by hand anymore.

It’s true. We send emails, texts, snaps, messages, and sometimes we actually pick up the phone to call our loved ones. But how often do people sit down and write a note or letter? You can’t tell me you don’t miss those super-cool folded letters that were passed under the desk in science class 20 years ago. (If I told you I didn’t still have a box full of those old notes–I’d be a liar.)

A friend of mine who loves writing as much as I do posted an Instagram image of her writing the other day. Nothing lengthy. Just something simple scribed on notebook paper. I haven’t seen her in YEARS, but I recognized that writing immediately!

My grandma still sends each of us grandkids a card on our birthdays signed “Love, Grandma”. Her writing has gotten shaky and a little imperfect, but it’s something I treasure. I especially love pulling out the old cards and books she’d signed back when my Grandpa was still here. Just seeing “Grandma & Grandpa” written together in her handwriting somehow warms my heart.


If you know me, or follow me on social media, you likely are aware that I have multiple tattoos. One of the most precious tattoos is on my right arm: two arrows with my boys’ names scribed in my mother’s handwriting. I already might regret the butterfly tramp stamp, but having my mom’s unique penmanship with me for the rest of eternity is something I’ll never regret.

pennington love notes

Leave them some love.

In our house, we are big on leaving notes by hand. Sure, we all still text each other like everyone else.  But nothing beats a surprise post-it attached to the bathroom mirror from Mr. Pennington, or a doodle and “I love you, Mom!” on my school computer screen.

pennington love notes

Littlest man had a rough morning the other day, so I wrote him a “feel better” note and sent it to his classroom via carrier pigeon third-grader. After school, I got an enormous hug, and a, “thanks for the note, Mama! I liked it a lot!”

Mr. Pennington is a quiet dude sometimes, but I’m pretty sure the fact that he still carries the note I wrote him a few years back in his wallet indicates that he’s a big fan of receiving love notes as well. I guess maybe the scribbled, “buy your wife flowers” notes in his planner might induce an eyeroll. LOL

Send somebody a love note.

Not because it’s almost that God foresaken holiday when Americans buy each other mass amounts of waxy chocolate, red dye-filled candy, and corny cards. But do it because it will make someone smile!

Do you still handwrite love notes?




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  1. Brenda says:

    Yesss!!! Handwritten love notes!!! So important, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Rachel Kocurek says:

    As an English teacher, the written word is at the top of the list of things I love. I have a word tattooed on my foot and plan to get a quote on my back.

    Little notes mean so much. They are so theoughtful. When I get notes from students I save them. Students are always shocked to find that I keep them from year to year.

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