Having a Mom with Endometriosis: An 8 Year Old’s View

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

It’s been just over a year since I first mailed my paperwork and extensive records to the Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta. I remember the day I sent out the 2 inch thick stack of papers, just hoping Dr. Sinervo would accept me as a patient. It’s been nearly 9 months since I flew to Atlanta and underwent endometriosis excision surgery. Let’s just say that this Christmas was so much more enjoyable for my entire family. When you have endometriosis, it impacts even the youngest family members! I have my 8 year old son blogging with me today to share his side of what it’s like having a mom with endometriosis. And, on the contrary, what it’s like to have a mom who has had excision.

Meet Charlie!

what it's like to have a mom with endometriosis

I’m Charles. I am 8 years old and in the second grade. I like football, baseball, and taekwondo. My favorite color is pink! I even have pink and black shoes. I love my mom. My mom has endometriosis.

Interview with Charlie

Can you tell the readers what endometriosis is?

Endometriosis is bad stuff that is in your uterus. My mom doesn’t have a uterus because I ripped it when I was born. But she still has endometriosis in her intestines. Endometriosis spreads all over inside your body like a spider web.

What does endometriosis do to women?

It gives my mom bad stomachaches and bad headaches. She couldn’t eat a lot of things without getting sick. Sometimes she would even puke! One time my mom was in the shower and she passed out  because she was in a lot of pain. She had to go to the emergency room, and our grandpa had to take me and my brother to school that day.

Does going to the emergency room ever help?

Not really. When mom went to the emergency room, she got a shot and they talked to her. She was still in pain. She stayed in bed all day long.

How does it make you feel when your mom is hurting from endometriosis?

It makes me feel sad because I don’t get to see my mom very much when she’s in pain. She wants to see us, but she can’t because it hurts to move or walk. Sometimes I make her breakfast in bed (if she can eat), and I will go talk to her to check on her. I braid her hair or comb it because it’s fun and Mom thinks it’s relaxing.

How did your mom start feeling better?

She went to Atlanta and had surgery. A doctor took out all the endometriosis in her body. There was a lot of endometriosis in her body! I missed my mom when she was gone. She was away for 10 days, but she was a lot better when she got back!

You saw the videos taken during excision. What did you think?

I thought that the videos were nasty! There was something inside my mom that looked like a baseball bat! The endometriosis looked black. I watched the doctor cut and burn the endometriosis out. I saw the doctor spray water on the wounds, and burn them to make them stop bleeding.

Do you think the surgery helped your mom?

I think the surgery helped Mom because she can eat a lot of different foods now. She was in lots of pain, but the doctor was awesome and helped my mom so much.  I am happy that she is better now! She is happy too!

If you had any advice for other kids whose moms have endometriosis, what would you tell them?

If you are sad, you can make your mom breakfast in bed and braid her hair to help her feel better. I’d tell them to have their mom go to Atlanta to my mom’s doctor because he helped us so much! My mom feels a lot better and can do a lot more things with us now!

Kids tell it like it is, and this dude pretty much hit the nail on the head. Endometriosis is miserable for the whole entire family! With skilled excision, however, you CAN get your life back and feel better! If you are suffering from endometriosis and considering excision, I’m happy to share my experience with you!



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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Danielle Shared your post on her fbook page and I’m so glad she did. I too have endo and have had two surgeries, the second being excision. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Hearing it from the heart of Little’s is heart breaking. We just had our first son and I pray he doesn’t have to see me like his father has. I’m so glad to hear you had a good success at the CEC. If I need another surgery down the road, the CEC is my plan. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂 Heather

    • Jessica Pennington says:

      Hi Heather!
      Endo is so tough! My excision was surgery number 7 for my reproductive system! I’m hoping it’s the last! I was very pleased with Dr. Sinervo and his team while I was in Atlanta! I hope you don’t need more surgery, but if you do, he’s your guy! Congratulations on your new little man!! Enjoy him!

  2. Wendy Maes says:

    I have a girlfriend with endometriosis so your story sounds familiar. Congrats on your son! He is the next generation of bloggers.

  3. Emily says:

    Your son seems like an adorable little human! Endometriosis sounds really horrible but I’m happy to hear you’re doing much better after excision.

    • Jessica Pennington says:

      Thank you! He’s a pretty cool kid! Endometriosis is horrible, and impact 1 in 10 women! Be so glad you don’t have it! 🙂

  4. Melly says:

    This is the most amazing interview ever. Your son has such a real point of view!! Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Lisa Wingerter says:

    Very interesting perspective. I have endo that was discovered during my c section. It isn’t this severe (yet) but I’m also living with lupus and I often wonder how it will impact my son (now 3) as he grows up.

    • Jessica Pennington says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that you have endo and lupus both! It’s so tough! The good news is—we are seriously tough cookies! I’m sure you’re a fantastic mom to your little guy!

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