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5 Binge-Worthy Series to Cozy Up With This Winter

Friday, November 10, 2017

Being a busy mom, wife, blogger, and teacher, I don’t typically watch a ton of TV. Once in a while, however, I stumble upon a series on Netflix or Hulu that sucks me right in and demands binge watching! It seems like every couple weeks I see a post on social media asking, “what should I watch next?” So for this week’s “Friday Favorites“, I wanted to share my top 5  binge-worthy series!

Gilmore Girls

Whether you watched every single episode when they first aired or you’ve never caught a single one–you can’t help but fall totally in love with Rory, Lorelei, and the whole Stars Hollow crew! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love, and you’ll have totally mixed emotions! Ahem, #teamlogan. And nothing in the world can make you crave a hot cup of coffee more than the Gilmore mother-daughter duo! Gilmore Girls is one of my most favorite series. Ever. The only way it could get better is if the revival could have a revival!


Hart of Dixie

Take a trip to the quirky town of Blue Bell, Alabama and you’ll quickly be charmed by all the southern hospitality! Follow the story of New Yorker, Doctor Zoe Hart as she travels to Alabama out of occupational desperation. From the town mayor’s alligator, Burt Reynolds to authentic, sassy southern belle, Lemon Breeland– this series is chocked full of lovable (and sometimes strangle-worthy) characters. Good luck pulling your eyes from this series! Even Mrs. Pennington fell in love with Blue Bell!


Call the Midwife

A BBC original series based on the memoirs of nurse-midwife Jennifer Worth has slowly stolen my heart. In the early 1950s, Nurse Jenny Lee embarks on a journey to poverty stricken East London to work as a nurse midwife. Nurse Lee unexpectedly finds herself working in a convent surrounded by nuns instead of the desired private hospital. Call the Midwife brings comedy, love, hope, and the inevitable heartbreak associated with midwifery and nursing. I’m only on season 3 of Call the Midwife, but it’s quickly making its way to the top of my favorites list.


You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst, an FXx original series,  is definitely NOT the worst! Main characters Jimmy and Gretchen are negative, narcissistic, self-proclaimed commitment-phobes who end up falling in love like. Every character in this series is more or less a hot stinkin’ mess in his or her own crazy way. Prepare to laugh hysterically, roll your eyes a lot, cringe a little, and crave more of the madness! (As a side note–this series is NOT kid friendly.)



History buff, I am not. Yes, I understand how important history is, but it’s just not my subject. 11.22.63 is a Stephen King novel turned Hulu mini-series that I didn’t expect to enjoy. Mr. Pennington and I turned the TV on one Sunday morning and didn’t leave the couch until the series was over! Not the least bit scary, like one would typically expect from a King project. 11.22.63 chronicles a high school teacher’s adventures through time travel in an effort to stop the JFK assassination and honor the wishes of a good friend. History, drama, mystery, adventure, and even a little bit of love make up this fantastic series.

What are your binge-worthy series? Share in the comments! If you check any of these out, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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  1. Staci says:

    Great list… needed some ideas! My top three that you didn’t already mention are Parenthood (classic. watched it when it was on tv. just watched it again on netflix. can’t wait to start it again. so good! grab the tissue box!), and somewhat unexpectedly… Glee and Gossip Girl. Fell in love with both, and would watch them over and over!

  2. Jessica Pennington says:

    I started watching Parenthood, but never got far. I loved it though, so need to start in again!!!

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