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Don’t Hate Your Guts!

Friday, January 12, 2018

If you have a digestive system that is less than friendly, this Friday Favorite is for you!  Despite being a (mostly) clean eater, doing gut friendly yoga often, and taking a probiotic, my guts pretty much hated me. I felt like I was doing everything right with zero results. There was no rhyme or reason to when my guts would go nuts! They’d be fine one meal; the next they’d be gurgling, gargling, rumbling and bubbling! I blamed my endometriosis most the time. Until my acupuncturist listened to my symptoms, ran some labs, and was like, “Hey! Your gut is leaky! I have a plan!”

The Plan

The man had a plan. I didn’t love the sounds of it because, quite frankly, it sounded like a lot of work. Of course he told me to cut all refined sugars, artificial ingredients, dairy, and to limit gluten. That was the easy part! Like I mentioned, healthy eating is my thing!

The hard part was when he told me I needed enzymes (like betaine HCL) and supplements (like L-glutamine) and greens and bone broth and water…oh my! First things first, let it be known that this girl can not, does not, will not ingest powder. Not in a shake, not in a smoothie, not with a snake, not at the movies. So naturally, I bulked and pouted and refused to try the greens or bone broth powders. Call me crazy, but gritty powders just aren’t appetizing! But I do understand the value in what he was encouraging me to take, so I stated to research.

Young Living to the Rescue

If you’ve been reading my blog long, you know that I’m a big fan of Young Living essential oils. My best friend swore by them for years (I might have thought it was total voodoo), and once she finally convinced me to try them I never looked back. So when I was delivered my plan of action to make my guts fall back in love with me, I turned to the company I know and trust.

Sure enough, I found everything I needed was offered by Young Living! It’s times like these I’m so glad I signed up to be a consultant with them, because I took full advantage of that wholesale pricing on this purchase. (This is not even one little bit of a sales pitch. Promise. I’m not here to make money!)

Here are the products I purchased:

  • Essentialzymes-a bi-layer multienzyme herbal complex formulated with time release caplets that assist with healthy pancreas function and support digestive health and wellness. And the number one ingredient? Betaine HCL! Just what the acupuncturist ordered!
  • Multigreens (capsules! Yay!)-a blend of botanicals, choline and amino acids; PLUS essential oils rosemary, lemon, and melissa to add additional absorption aiding.
  • Endogize-endogize doesn’t necessarily focus on the gut. It is formulated to support a healthy endocrine system and maintain balance within the body.gut-health-young living

How’s it going?

Using the above products, in combination with L-glutamine from my local health food store, I have noticed a huge decease in all the  gurgling, gargling, rumbling and bubbling! Dealing with gross guts is a long road. I take enzymes with every meal, eat clean, drink lots of water daily, and see my acupuncturist every 8 weeks. But, I’m proud to report that slow and steady seems to be winning the race.

Now if only I could gag down that bone broth powder. ..

Do your guts hate you too? Can YOU do the powder?  Share your tricks in the comments!



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  1. Grandma says:

    What about making some bone broth? Would that work as well as the powder?

    • Jessica Pennington says:

      It works better! I just don’t have the time to let it simmer like it needs to. I thought coffee flavored $40 powder would surely be the key. Not so much.

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