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LipSense Makes Sense!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Raise your hand if you’re an insanely busy lady with better things to do than reapply lipstick all day long! Yeah. Me too. That’s why I was SUPER excited for the opportunity to try out LipSense recently! I had been hearing great things about this amazing product, but was wavering on whether I wanted to spend the money to try it out. But when Sonya at Red Gate Beauty was looking for ladies to try LipSense and give a review,it was the perfect opportunity to try it out!

In general, lipstick has never really been my thing. I mean, I like the pop of color, but not the hassle of re-application all day. Hand me some nude gloss I can apply without a mirror and  I’m good to go. Just you never mind that blue tone my lips take on after an hour or so of teaching, snacking and sipping my bottomless cup of coffee! LipSense through Sonya has been an absolute game changer, guys! Here’s why:

Fantastic Service

In a fast paced world where everyone just wants to make a buck, it’s a relief to find someone who takes the time to provide quality customer service. Sonya was VERY quick with communication and shipping after I offered to review this product. You will also find rave reviews on her website–where you can enter your cell number and she will reply in minutes to help you make the perfect purchase!

So. Many. Colors.

Holy Moly! There are SO many color choices available from LipSense! I probably spent 20 minutes just scrolling through Sonya’s website and staring at colors. Once you find a color, you need a gloss to help seal it in and the scrolling begins again. I just loved all the options and color combos that were possible! I chose Fire-N-Ice for my color and Rose for the gloss, and loved the pop of pink! I’m excited to purchase a fall color very soon though!

Easy Peasy

This product is a piece of cake to apply! Sonya will send instruction, but in short–apply 3 coats, dry for 5 seconds, add gloss. Voila!

It Just Keeps Going

LipSense can not be accused of false advertising in the “long lasting wear” department! If you follow the directions that Sonya provides with your shipment, your color will last all day long! Like…a full 18 hours. No lie. I’ll let the photos do the talking in just a second, but want to include a little side note regarding following the directions. As a teacher, you’d think I’d follow directions like a champ. Practice what your preach, right? But, I didn’t. I had a few dress down days and thought if I used just one coat of color it would be lighter and still last. Not the case. Just as bright, but didn’t last as long. Don’t make my mistake.


Suffice it to say, I’m now a LipSense fan for life! It is definitely worth the money, lasts all day, and looks great! The added bonus of fantastic customer service through Red Gate Beauty makes it even better! Get some today, guys! You won’t regret it!

AND you can get 15% off your next order by using bloggymoms15 at checkout just for being a reader of mine! Now go! Buy some and thank me later! 

Are you a LipSense fanatic? A newbie? I’m dying to hear your opinions and favorite color combos! Drop me a comment below!



This blog post review was written in exchange for free product. All opinions are my own.

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