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Surgery Update

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hello! This will be a quick post because I’m blogging from my phone and because I’m exhausted!

Ive been out of surgery for several hours now and have been admitted to the hospital. I ended up have to have the bowel resection (he took about 6″), but no need for the ileostomy bag! I also had my left ovary and tube removed..which I was hoping to keep. Those were the two major things, in addition to laser excision. Cystoscope (check of bladder) was clear! So I had quite the surgery overall! I will be in the hospital until Friday at least to recover.

I see my doctor tomorrow morning and will know more details about what he found then. I’ll be sure to update! For now I’m going to enjoy this liquid diet and some sleep! Thanks again for all your love, prayers, and support!



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  1. Linda Dangler says:

    Thanks for the update glad that is behind you and Praying for a great recovery.

  2. Alice Lawson says:

    I’m glad you updated us but after such invasive surgery you should be RESTING! I love you. Good night!

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